Thursday, March 5, 2009

Who is the Allied Arts Council Visual Arts Committee?

The Visual Arts Committee is a representative of the Allied Arts Council. The purpose of the committee is to support, promote, and celebrate our local and area visual artists. The committee has created programs to expose the public to the abundance of talent we have in Saint Joseph and the surrounding communities.

We are Painters, sculptors, Photographers, art glass creators, Mixed media artist, pen and pencil artist and art supporters.

Committee members
Teresa Fankhauser - Executive Director
Tammy Santos - Program Coordinator
Wanda Taylor - Chair
Jim Fly - Committee
Brenda Reilly - Committee
IIa Dell Youngblood - Committee
Pat Benedict - Committee
Terri Rader - Committee
Rick Rader - Committee
Lisa Fracica - Committee

For more information about the Visual Arts Committee Please visit our link on the top right hand side of this blog.

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